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Not long ago, I kept joking that I must have Gypsy blood in my veins for sure and I thought it must have been me who started the “Ulysses” journey…born in one place, baptised in another, raised in another still, schools in different town, etc.  Only now I understand that it has nothing to do with the Gypsy lifestyle, but it’s all about gens, which do not allow us to settle down in one place and plant our roots!  Ulysses gens made us travel not only across Poland, but motivated those brave ones to explore other lands and continents!


In the menu on the right, you can learn about the places our ancestors came from…our “Ithaca” cities.

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The descandants of our family live now mainly in Europe - in Poland, Germany and Ireland. There are also descendants of Pacyna, Majewski and Mizgalski family living in the "new world" - Argentina, Canada and USA - Connecticut.



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And now in the “change-as-many-places-as-possible-to-cover-your-tracks” competition, we have one winner! The gold “Ulysses” goes to the Mizgalski family!  It’s not just that each generation changed where they lived, but they also had the unexplained ability to marry someone with the same “gadabout gens”.  Silver “Ulysses” goes to the Ślęzak family who decided in the 20’s of the last century to strategically settle down in just about the entire central strip of Poland, starting in Olkusz and ending in Sopot!  And finally, the bronze “Ulysses” is still undecided..we are still waiting for the perfect candidate! Wink





 We live in: Rejowiec, Warsaw, Olkusz, Cracow, Kazmierza Wielka, Wojciechów, Wrocław (Breslau), Łódź, Kutno, Krośniewice, Wolbórz, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Sopot, Iława, Brodnica and Zabrze.


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